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What it means to be an Ardent Partner

Ardent Mortgages is unique mortgage brokerage in the heart of downtown Kitchener. As a member of Verico, we are well recognized and trusted in the industry. As a trusted partner of Ardent Mortgages Inc. we are committed to helping your clients find the financing they need, when they need it.

Reactivate your list

Ardent Mortgages agents specialize in funding deals that can't be funded elsewhere. If you have a list of subscribers that you market to, we can work with you and your marketing team to reactivate your list. As mortgage brokers, we are in a unique position to talk to your list about their finances and can help them understand the benefits of refinancing to eliminate debt, improve their credit, and build wealth.

Secure additional deal flow from your already existing list of subscribers. Partner with Ardent Mortgages and we will present your list with additional options and coaching, allowing you to make additional referral income while providing your clients with with an additional service.

  • What your customers get:

    Your customers get access to the best possible interest rates, our efficient approval process, a high rate of successful approvals, and our in-house underwriting. We also offer each of your customers a customized cost-savings plan and breakdown of the options available to them, as well as timely closings, pre-approvals within 24 hours, and our exceptional customer service.

  • What Ardent Partners get:

    As an Ardent Partner, you get access to our lucrative referral compensation program, unlimited compensation potential, as well as an option to offer an added incentive to your clients. We offer an ongoing partnership with a dedicated mortgage brokerage and the opportunity to be more involved in the full purchasing process.


Referral Breakdown (Up to 30 points)

Mortgage Amount ----- Referral Amount
$400 000 ----- $1200
$500 000 ----- $1500
$600 000 ----- $1800
$700 000 ----- $2100
$800 000 ----- $2400
$1 000 000 ----- $3000

Referral payouts may change without notice and some conditions apply.

Applications are currently closed for Ardent Partnership.

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