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We specialize in helping clients with poor and damaged credit avoid insolvency by utilizing the accumulated equity in their homes.

If your client has too much equity in their home to be declared insolvent, we can help them refinance their debt, lower their payments, and reduce the interest overall.

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The Important Numbers

We work with clients from a wide variety of financial situations but here are the broad strokes.

  • LTV up to 80% on approved credit for first mortgages, up to 95% with exceptions for second mortgages.
  • Interest rates from Prime on 'A' deals with possible buydown, to 3% to 6% on Alternative deals, and from 6% to 12% for Private deals.
  • Turnaround time for closing a deal can be as quick as a week in urgent cases.
  • Broker fees go from 0% to 1.5% on first mortgages and 0% to 6% on second mortgages. Lender fees are along the same lines.

Our goal is for the client to be in a net positive for the deal and for proceeds to always be greater than the fees involved. If the deal doesn't benefit the borrower, we advise them not to move forward.

Have a client that you're not sure about?

Schedule a call with us to discuss the details. We'd be happy to talk about whether or not working with Ardent Mortgages is the right solution for them.

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