Katherine WW

Katherine Williams-Watson

Mortgage Agent


After more than ten years in similar industries and five years at one of Canada’s top financial institutions, I joined Ardent Mortgages as a Mortgage Agent in 2020. My colleagues describe me as caring, thorough and a team player. I received my undergraduate degree from the University of Guelph in 2017, after which I quickly became interested in the housing market. Over the last five years, I have developed my skills and knowledge around the mortgage industry to support our clients in the best way possible and guide them to their goals. At Ardent Mortgages, I can provide advice for both investing and financing, allowing for a seamless transition from any life stage.

In my personal time, I enjoy cooking, hot yoga, and I am a huge lover of furry friends. I am also an advocate for chronic illness/mental health support in Canada. After personally suffering for years from a chronic disability due to a car accident, I understand how important it is to have finances in order and access to emergency savings when required. I hope to help shine a light on this for others.

My goals in my time at Ardent Mortgage will be to support all my clients and hold myself to the highest standard to ensure they are getting the best and most appropriate advice.

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