Shelby Morrow

Shelby Morrow

Mortgage Agent

Growing up as a minimalist and tiny home enthusiast, I’ve thankfully graduated into an industry that lets me help my clients achieve precisely what those two things stand for – Debt-free, stress-free, happy lives.

As a licenced Mortgage Agent, my goal is to demonstrate habits that I can pass onto clients to help them achieve their financial goals. I believe for future and current homeowners, it’s better late than never! Asking questions and learning about how we can help is the first step to improving your own financial situation, as well as your loved ones.

A little about me? I’m a dual citizen of Canada and Australia. After travelling overseas for six months with only a backpack, I learned the value of minimalism and how it can benefit my own life back in Waterloo. One day I’d like to build a tiny home surrounded by nature, spoil my parents and family, and eventually travel around the world when it’s safe to do so.

Contact Info

Phone: 519-804-2775
License: M20001570