Ankush Verma

Mortgage Agent

I recently joined Ardent Mortgages as a Mortgage Agent while completing my undergraduate degree at the University of Waterloo. I have always been surrounded by people in the mortgage industry growing up and fell in love with the idea of helping people find a solution in order to purchase a new home or keep their existing one.

My expertise lie in debt consolidation, refinancing, residential purchases, equity take-out and investments. If you ever find yourself in these situations, please give me a call and I would love to work out a solution for you within 48-hours.

On my days off I love to cook, hike, play with my pet budgies and hangout with my lovely family.

License: M19002219

Contact Info
519-804-2775 ext. 204
Email: ankushverma@ardentmortgages.ca
Website: mortgageweb.ca/AnkushVerma