Paulo Frencillo

Mortgage Agent Team Lead

I have been in the mortgage industry of over 12 years.  I started my career in the banking industry and worked for the 3 major banks in Canada as a Financial Advisor, dealing with both credit and investments.   After that, I worked independently as a mortgage agent and then as an underwriter for both a private lender and a mortgage lender.  I have been lucky to be exposed to all angles of the mortgage process.  These various experiences have made me proficient in prime, sub-prime and private lending.

I also have extensive experience in residential rental properties as I have managed a few rental properties of my own as a landlord.   When I am not crunching down mortgage payments for clients, I am traveling the world.  I love going on adventures and experiencing different cultures.  I am currently at 19 countries and counting!

License: M12001122
Contact Info
519-804-2775 Ext# 217