Sayd Hashimi

Mortgage Agent

Sayd has over 3 years of mortgage agent experience and his main driving force is to help his client achieve their financial goals and dreams. When purchasing his first home he realized how confusing and frustrating the mortgage process can be when dealing with mortgage applications. So his goal is make this process as easy and simple as possible and take out the confusion and frustration for his clients. Throughout the years he has helped to educate his clients on how to improve their credit rating, how the credit rating system works, and what factors contribute to client credit score. He also educates his clients on available programs that can help them pay their mortgage faster and save them tens of thousands of dollars.

His clients love him because of his honesty, integrity and no none sense straight forward approach to helping his clients reach their financial goals and dreams. His clients see him as trusted mortgage agent to help them secure mortgages when everyone else has turned them down, to help them rebuild and improve their credit, refinance their mortgage for debt consolidation and secure them not only the best rates, but also the best mortgages possible for his clients. He takes pride in providing professional, ethical, honest and educational advice and mortgage solutions for his clients.

Regardless of your situation, whether you are self-employed with hard to prove income or need a simple solution mortgage, or one that is unique to your situation, his goal is to give his clients not only the best rates but also the best mortgage solution and best customer service. If you are in need of any of the following mortgage solutions he is the person to contact;

  • Purchasing a new home, first home, or investment property
  • refinance or renewing your mortgages
  • self-employed and been turned down?
  • Debt consolidation
  • credit improvement and repairing
  • Home Equity Line of Credit or cash out for home improvements and renovations to increase property value or you always wanted to do.
  • Refinance to help you improve your monthly cash flow and need to improve your monthly budget

Sayd is not your typical mortgage agent because he looks for the over financial health and well being of his client’s immediate and long term goals and dreams and give them advice and financial solutions that will achieve not only their immediate financial goals but also their long term financial goals and dreams. His core values are honesty, integrity, and solution oriented and believes everyone of his clients deserve the best financial products available to them and helps them improve their financial position, security and freedom.

Drawing on several years of financial experience, including banks and brokerages, he joined Ardent mortgages because he found this brokerage not only works with major banks like TD, Scotia and National Banks and many other mortgage banks and private lenders allowing to best help our clients and give them the best rates and deals possible well as the best customer service. Whether you are buying a home, refinancing or renewing your current mortgage, or debt consolidation, Sayd’s goal is to provide you with the best options and solutions that will help his clients achieve their financial goals and dreams.

License: M18000391

Contact Info
519-804-2775 ext. 231
Email: saydhashimi@ardentmortgages.ca