Stella Borges

Mortgage Agent

Originally from Montreal, Quebec I started my career in the financial industry over 16 years ago. While employed at HSBC Finance, as Senior Credit Officer, within their “bad debts” department. I believe what made me successful is that I never looked at my clients as bad payers, but rather as people with special circumstances. I found it extremely rewarding to work with homeowners and to keep them in their home with their families and memories.
After moving to Toronto, I worked for several years as a Consultant and Manager at CHIP (now HomeEquity Bank). I am a firm believer in the solution for Senior homeowners and continue to advocate for this sensible solution. It was incredible to be part of their growth in helping many Senior Canadians to enjoy and stay in their home a little longer, while removing the stress of the finances out of the equation.
Today, I live in Brantford, Ontario with my husband and two daughters. I like to think of myself as a Cordon Bleu and very much enjoy hosting for my close friends and family and create memories of my own.

License: M19002294

Contact Info
519-804-2775 ext. 245
Website: mortgageweb.ca/14011