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Debt Consolidation

Say goodbye to your high-interest debt!

We’ve noticed over the last couple that high-interest debt is catching up to Canadians as the number of debt applications that come in continues to get larger. Debt consolidation can help individuals and families to consolidate their interest debt into one manageable monthly payment.

Please consider contacting us if you are facing the following issues.

If other brokers have refused you a consolidation mortgage due to:

  • Low Credit Score
  • Not Enough Equity
  • Limited Income
  • CRA, Bank Judgments or Liens are Registered on a Property
  • Too Much Debt

Face foreclosure or power of sale:

We can help replace problematic mortgages with a different one, preventing the loss of the house.

If outstanding property tax is an issue, we can pay it off for you.

If other brokers said “no,” don’t despair. Don’t give up by calling bankruptcy trustees or credit counselors; those kinds of actions should be an absolute last resort.

Time to streamline your finances? Find out how you can combine the money you owe into a debt consolidation mortgage, home equity loan or line of credit.

Let us streamline your finances and debt. Contact an Ardent Mortgage agent today to learn how we consolidate your debt with a mortgage, home equity loan or line of credit

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